> there is some dead wood to cut:
> - The BufferManager isn't used anymore, because it apparently
>   caused more harm than good (see Mark Lillywhite's comments)
> +1 for removing all references and delete the files in fop/system


> - The XTFOTreeBuilder provides a SAX1 interface. It is not used
>   anywhere, the Driver uses the FOTreeBuilder SAX2 interface.
>   Does someone remember questions about SAX1 support? If not:
> +1 for removing XTFOTreebuilder and XTElementMapping


I would like to suggest to wait with this until after the final release
of 0.20.4. Maybe I'm too picky about the "release candidate" stuff but
IMHO an RC phase is a time to fix important bugs that are found in an RC
and to document "known issues". No new features should be added in this
phase because of new problems that might be introduced. See System.exit()
stuff. But I won't stand in the way if you guys think otherwise.

Jeremias Märki

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