Looking at the table (and caption) layout as it will work within the
page layout.

The manager would need to locate possible breaks. 
There is an implicit keep between the caption and table if before or
It can break between rows unless there is a keep between the rows or
there is a cell spanning the rows and the cell has a keep together. 
It can break in the middle of a row if the contents of the cells can be
broken and there is no keep together. 

The header and footer have implicit keeps with the body (and

When finding a break inside a row it will need to find a break in each
cell and match the break positions to find the best available. 

This sounds relatively easy, most of the work is the process of finding
the best break poss while considering all the keeps.

So the steps would be something like:
- at the end of each row it is able to determine a break possibility
before or inside the row
- the table keeps locating breaks until page filled or page break
- areas are created and added for the table, columns (if required), rows
(if required) and cells
- table layout manager can then throw away fo tree elements of all
completed rows

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