Holger Prause wrote:
> I  use the character squence − in a html page it will be dispalyed as
> an - minus sign.
> So far so good.Now i want to use that chracter sequence in FO but in the
                                            ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
It is a "character reference"

> generated pdf it will displayed as an # sign(which stands for undefined ?)

This means the selected font does not have a glyph for it.

> What can i do to display this character squence, changeing the encoding in
> the stylesheet(or using <xsl:output />)?

The only way is to get a font with a glyph for it and let
FOP use it. The "mathematical minus" is pretty esoteric,
you'll probably need a special math font, rummage through
implementations for MathML or TeX distributions.
Why can't you usse a dash or hyphen?


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