If I understand it properly you would need to add an Encrypt pdf object
that is referenced in the documents trailer dictionary.
The you would need to encrypt all pdf streams using the appropriate
If JCE can handle this then it would be used to encrypt the stream.

Currently we have a few filters for other purposes, this would be
another filter added to the list (I presume it needs to be last in the
list) and implements PDFFilter. The encode method would do the
encryption based on the algorithm and key.

This filter would probably be setup using the configuration.

What would need to be done:
- implement the encrypt pdf object that contains the various dictionary
- implement the PDFFilter that does the encryption, using JCE
- organise the configuration for password etc.

I hope that answer your quesations.


On Wed, 2002-07-17 at 12:17, Miguel A Paraz wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking into the feasibility of extending FOP to produce signed PDF
> files using the PDF Public-Key Digital Signature and Encryption Specification.
> What are in the issues in gluing together FOP and the JCE to produce this?
> Could I give the signing extension access to the entire document, to create
> the signature?
> Thanks in advance.

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