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> Subject: [UML]: Poseidon license key
> HI All,
>       I have installed Poseidon 1.3.1 and it is asking me for the license
> key when I start it. But, I couldn't find anything like that in the home
> directory of Poseidon.
>       Please, help me.

Hi, Ramana

Right off Gentleware's website, for Poseidon CE:

First start of Poseidon
During startup, Poseidon expects to find a key file called
'InterimPoseidonCE.key' in the installation directory 'poseidon1.3', in
'poseidon1.3/bin' (this is where the installation puts it), or in your home
directory. All configuration files are put in the directory 'poseidon/CE' in
your home directory.

If you want to set another home directory for Poseidon's configuration, set
the environment variable POSEIDONCE_HOME prior to starting Poseidon.

At startup, you can register with Gentleware to receive a final key for
PoseidonCE. The shipped interim key runs for 1000 days, the final key is

I just downloaded and unzipped the latest, and the interim key file is
certainly present, in the bin/ directory.


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