Oleg Tkachenko wrote:
> Hello there!
> In spite of text-transform non-recommended status and i18n issues I 
> believe fop can rely on java i18n support and implement this property 
> using toUpperCase()/toLowerCase() stuff.
> +            case TextTransform.CAPITALIZE:
> +                boolean isFirst = true;
> +                for (int i=0; i<length; i++) {

The problem is that
   <fo:wrapper text-transform="capitalize">e<fo:wrapper

will create three FOText objects, holding "e", "x" and
"tensible". With your algorithm it would probably capitalize
to EXTensible. The other approach, doing text transformation
as the text is added to a line, wont work either because of
the current small-caps implementation (see FOText.addText()),
and I'd rather keep small caps than text transformations.

The third nail are the actual i18n issues, because text
transformations are language dependent. Ok, only for a very
few real characters (IIRC see Unicode "special casing"
but I think the German szlig is still widely used in the
FOP audience.

Actually, IIRC text transformations were added to FO because CSS
had them, but I can't quite remember the original use cases for
CSS. I vaguely remember some issues with pseudo classes, which
are not problems in XSLFO.

As long as nobody comlains loudly, I think we'll leave this out.


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