Sachio Yagi wrote:
>>Reading /usr/lib/X11/fonts/TrueType/
>> Reached EOF, file size=65536 offset=7092058
> Can anybody please guide me how to solve this problem or  how to Use
> Japanese
> font in HP-UX.

The TTF reader wants to read the number of glyphs in
the file and follows a pointer in the Font file header,
which doesn't point to a valid file offset.
You'll have to track down why the TTFReader thinks there
should be something else in the TTF file. There could
be a bug in the TTFReader, or you have a malformed font
This problem shows up regularly with far-east fon files,
unfortunately, any font I could get works. You could do
a great service to the public by tracking down why your
font cannot be read and posst the results to the list.


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