> > My quick solution was to add a method toPDFArray() that does what the
> > current toArray() does and update toArray() not to do the division and
> > updated the call in startVParea().
> The toArray() method gets the proper value in terms of points so it is
> not really pdf specific. The values we normally use for the area tree
> are in millipoints.
> Maybe we could return an AffineTransform with the point values, and the
> toArray can return the stored values, ie. without dividing by 1000.

Ok, so the millipoints conversion is specific to the xsl:fo to pdf
conversion, the fo tree being in millipoints (correct me if I'm wrong).

I tried using affine transforms, but my transformations where horribly

> > I think a better solution would be to create a helper class in
> > org.apache.fop.render.pdf that does the toPDF functions and remove the
> > knowledge of the pdf rendering requirements from org.apache.fop.area.CTM
> > If this seems like to right way to go I'll create some patches for this.
> Yes, the pdf specific code should probably be somewhere pdf specific.

I'll create a couple of patches :)


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