I'd like to ask some questions that came up when I was trying to
understand the redesigned code.

1. Some traits have been implemented (eg font-size) and others have not.
For example the traits is-reference-area and is-viewport-area: Will they
be implemented eventually or is it the idea that these traits are
hard-coded into the classes - like "PageViewport" is obviously an area
with is-viewport-area = true.

2. Some traits like "top-position" are implemented as members of the
Area classes, I think (e.g. length, startIndent, getIPD and so on). Is
there a plan as to which traits will be accessible by their names in the
spec and which will be implemented through perhaps completely different
means in the Area classes. I'm rather confused with respect to this
issue, so I fear my question is rather unclear.

3. Im my imagination - or what I think I have understood from the spec -
the area tree (once it is finished) holds all information that is needed
before rendering. A renderer then takes the area tree and has a more or
less trivial task of actually painting what is described in the area
tree. In particular a renderer that is capable of adressing the output
medium in any order should be able just to translate fop coordinates to
renderer-specific coordinates and paint 'it'. So here is my question:
Why are currentIPPosition and currentBPPosition necessary in the
AbstractRenderer? Why does the renderer have to increment these
variables? In my opinion the positioning of areas to be rendered should
be done by the layout task. The renderer just reads the position of eg
word from the Word area (by accessing a trait or something else; see

4. This isn't a question actually: Whilst trying to understand the area
tree and the rendering stuff I've written an XFig-renderer. The goal was
to create an xfig-drawing that contains boxes for the different areas of
a fo document (just on one page). The xfig renderer is working and is
producing some boxes. As you can see by the questions above I don't know
whether these boxes are 'right'. Is anyone interested in the xfig

Thanks a lot for answering some or all of these questions.


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