While working my way though the PDF render (specifically the text
rendering) I noticed if the current font has a kerning set the current
and the next character index  are converted to Integer objects which are
then tested against the hash map to get the position adjustment.

I occurs to me that the kerning pairs could be in a custom hash map
optimized for native integer index. This should improve the performance
of when it comes to calculating the position. Unfortunately I don't have
access to a profiler at the moment so I don't know how long we are
spending in the kerning routines to know if it's worth the effort. On
the other hand if other people think it might be worth the effort I'm
willing to investigate this further.     



Does anybody know of a good opensource code profiler? In the passed I've
used jprobe to dig through code and find performance issues, I

If you don't test then your code is only a collection of bugs
which apparently behave like a working program. 

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