> Has anyone ever made any progress towards finding and/or addressing the source of Bug
 > 8968 (basic-link with internal-destination attribute doesn't work inside
 > static-content element)?
 > I have experienced the problem of the link rectangles being shifted from the link
 > text with links I generate in region-before, region-after, region-start and
 > region-end -- always in static-content though, for what that's worth.

The problem is the computation of the link rectangle
coordinates. I'm not sure whether it is the region
offset, early transformation into page-absolute
coordinates, or applying the same transformation multiple
times. Now that I write it, the last seems to be most
probable. In either case, the whole computation processs
is weird and brittle. It's somewhere between proper
whitespace handling and a complete rewrite of the link
rectangle computation code on my list (don't expect me
to do something significant before end of september,
there are bugs more significant and/or easier to fix).


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