FOP Developers:

The attached patch contains the following enhancements, all related to

1. The overview has been expanded. Also, the various packages have been
organized into groups, to assist developers in figuring out where to start
looking. It would be very beneficial to have one of the gurus review these
groupings for accuracy -- right now they are my best guess based on a
limited review.

2. Most packages have a "package.html" document now. Again, it would be good
to have gurus review the content.

3. The first sentence of the overview.html, package.html, and class-level
documentation are used in higher-level summaries. I have removed all
authorship / credit references in these first sentences to more appropriate
places in the documentation.

4. Some hyperlinks to the W3C XSL 1.0 standard. Some of these are visible in
the classes in the pagination package, in the "See also" section. There is
much more that can be done here.

5. The generated property files were getting built in
build/src/org/apache/fop/fo/org/apache/fop/fo/properties. I have changed the
stylesheets to place them in build/src/org/apache/fop/fo/properties.

6. Changes to build.xml to use the fonts.dir & properties.dir variables
where appropriate (resulting in no change to the output, but a much clearer
read of the build file). Also changed the javadoc build to have codegen as a

7. Misc. javadoc comment changes.

The patch was generated from the maintenance branch. Also, it includes
changes submitted last week (in unorthodox form) that have been committed to
the HEAD, but not committed to the maintenance branch. I have not been able
to get "cvs diff" to include new files in its output, so I have included
them in a separate gzipped tarfile.

Still to Come (please let me know if you have comments)
1. removal of comments/code causing javadoc-generated warnings

2. completion of cross-references to the W3C XSL 1.0 standard for all
objects, properties, and functions. (Properties will require additions to
the XML files that are used to generate them. Please let me know if you have
objections to this).

3. Anglicizing the "viewer" package javadoc comments. First, does anyone
object? Second, is there anyone who can translate the comments there to

4. conversion of remaining authorship info & email addresses to @author

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