Rewriting FOP in C++ is not impossible, though it may be quite difficult.  I'm really 
not sure what the rest of your questions are, but I'd say it's going to take you quite 
a while to complete a project like that, and if your boss is telling you and you alone 
to rewrite FOP in C++, and you are only 22 with only one year of programming 
experience, there is either a labor shortage in your office or your boss' project 
management skills aren't stellar.

What you might want to consider is showing your boss ways you can integrate FOP in its 
current implementation without rewriting it in C++.  For example, if you're performing 
PDF generation with FOP from a C++ program, just write your source data to a file, 
fork a process that runs FOP on that file, and then read the resulting file in.  Maybe 
it's not as elegant as having a pure C++ solution (though I find nothing about C++ 
elegant), but it will work with fewer bugs, and whereas it'll take you a long time to 
rewrite FOP in C++, this method would take you less than a day to implement.

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Hello master-hand:

        I using JAVA only one year!

        My boss order me analyse FOP,and rewrite in C++;I think it's impossible!

        Now,I want to know.How long time I can find out the design about FOP complete? 
Otherwise I am 22 old,  experience less one year!
    Can you help me???          



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