If your hinting at PDF Form generation, I'd be highly interested.  I've seen posts in the past where you can pass direct pdf form streams in for fields, but this is kinda hectic.  PDF Form functionality would be awesome.



08/15/02 03:04 AM
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I've begun to look at the creation of a PDFRender subclass that will do
impositioning of the resultant pages.

There are three potential ways I can do this:

1. Use reference xobjects from PDF 1.4, I generate as normal except that
I trap the original file into a embedded file stream. I then create the
output pages based on the number of pages received. It seems to have the
least potential for bugs, but it also relies on PDF 1.4 so I'm not sure
what RIP support will be available.

2. Convert (actually they would never be pages as I would override the
renderPage function) the pages to xobject forms and position them. There
are two problems I see with this, one is that if the rip caches pdf form
objects then it may cache the pages for no good reason causing an extra
memory burden. A number of commercial products use this technique. Also
some RIPS generate an inordinate number of gsave/grestore operations
when nested xforms are in a document.  

3. Do they same as above but convert the page information to content
streams. It does mean that all pages need to share the same resource
dictionary though which could cause some problems (though FOP currently
does this) and is a more complex
solution that the other two (pages and xobjects have a simliar
structure). I'm sure there would also be other problems with this

I'm leaning toward 2 as it balances complexity with compatibility.

Anyones thoughts?


PS: does anyone but me want this :)?

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