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> 1: Question: how can i get the TeX hyphenation pattern file ? and how to turn it 
>into an xml file??

> 2: I am a Chinese . how can I to get the Chinese version Hyphenation file for FOP??

It may be difficult to contorol Asian line-breaking on
current FOP simply. If you will be able to create
a Chinese hyphenation pattern file, FOP will NOT behave
as your expectation.

This reason is the Asian languages line-breaking strategy
has different controls from those of western text.
(For examples, JIS X 4051 spec defines Japanese controls).

The XSL Requirements for Internationalization is written in
a following document (a little old :-<).

XSL Requirements Summary (W3C Working Draft 11-May-1998)

I think that existence of this document means current XSL spec
does not cover Asian languages line-breaking and justifications.
By the way,

CSS3 module: text (W3C Working Draft 17 May 2001)

supports them and illustrate in detail.

There is a Japanese line-breaking algorithm named 'Kinsoku'.
Kinsoku consists of 'Head of line Japanese hyphenation' and
'End of line Japanese hyphenation'. The Japanese version of
Tex implements Kinsoku. This implementation can get from


The kinsoku.tex file in this tar ball is equal to Japanese
TeX hyphenation pattern file for Kinsoku. If you want the better
line-breaking handling for CJKV, you must probably implement
it on FOP in yourself same as Japanese version of Tex.

I think if you do not implement it, these controls probably
depends on FOP that is UserAgent.

For examples, when text-align="justified" is specified in
fo documents that root element has language="zh/ja/ko/vi",
currently FOP behaves like CSS3's text-justify="inter-ideograph".



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