Karen Lease wrote:
> Arved Sandstrom wrote:
>> I may be a person who is ill-qualified to comment on variable names.
> Hmm, perhaps that is my problem too; I still remember the PDP3 I had to 
> boot with the front panel switches to make it read the paper tape.... 
> and when I screwed up, I had to start the whole thing over!

I can make a show too: I started twenty years ago with
implementing GoL and prime number sieves in PL/I on
a mainframe, and with a tiny brained 8008-based micro
computer where I computed fibonacci numbers up to
index 240. Then there was to CNC supervising MC (Z80
based, at least) which did not even have a loader for
relocatable code, I had to write one by myself...

As for variable names, if I'd get a buck for every
style rule set I survived, well, I'd have thirty
or thirty five dollar :-)


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