Due to the non symmetrical layout of the form, I would just layout every thing in <fo:block>
statements where Name / SSN is one block and Family....Maiden is another.  If you could
move the SSN to a separate line, then you could avoid a calculation on how to
break the leader and align it with SSN. Then all leaders could just be width="100%"

If you went the way of tables then use a smaller column size and use the columns-spanned
attribute to push things around..

John G

"Sachdeva, Shipra" wrote:

 hello everyone,I am trying to create a form in pdf format in the following way:-1. Name                                                                                                                      2. SSN    ___________________________________________________________________             _____________________________________    Family or Surname                       First                    Middle                  Maiden 3. Permanent Address and Telephone   ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Number & Street                                                                  Apt No.                                                               City   ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   State                                        Postal Code                                          Country                             Telephone Number............i am wondering what would be the best possible way to design do i have to use tables?Or is it possible to create this thru lists?or maybe i could use lists within the table cell and lists are supported under tables?Please help.thanks in advanceShipra Sachdeva
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