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> I fixed a problem that FOP had with breaking loooooong words. If these
> words were too long to fit on one line, and no hyphenation was selected,
> the word would go beyond the right side of the page.

Sorry, commit denied for a variety of reasons:
1. It is not clear whether the problem you attempt to fix is a problem
    at all. Actually, it can be argued FOPs behaviour is correct, annoying
    as it may be sometimes. This is the main showstopper.

Although I concur that FOP should never break words while hyphenation is
off, I sympathise with Mr. Baals. I had a similar problem with URLs, which
can become quite long and do not fit in the hyphenation rules for any
language. If they grow beyond the line width there is no way of getting it
right without inserting spaces manually <yech/> . While using discretionary
hyphens can solve the problem localy (I do not remember FOP taking them
into account while hyphenating; it is most handy when a word has irregular
hyphenation), it would be counterproductive.

I suggest we write a special language hyphenation file for URLs -- it is
not a natural language, but it is one nevertheless, with its own lexical
rules. (Can someone provide me with a pointer to the pertinent spec?)
Stylesheets like DocBook's can take advantage of this by specifying the new
language code, something like x-url. This approach can also be used with
programming languages or other similar stuff, and it has already been
proven to work with languages that can produce very long words (Herr
Pietschmann und die xml:lang='de' Leute soll mit mir einstimmig sein ;-).
However, the hyphen would not be a good choice as the character to use in
the breaking point: a better choice would be to use ellipses (...) in the
preceeding AND in the following line. Can this be achieved?

I can write such an hyphenation file if you people agree this is a sensible

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