Rhett Aultman schrieb:
> I'm having a very involved working weekend this weekend, and I'm writing my list of 
>things to do.  There's some openings in it, and I thought I might tackle the infinite 
>loop that occurs in the page breaking test as has been documented in some previous 
>bugs in our Bugzilla.  Before I settled in to that, though, I wanted to make sure my 
>effort wasn't being repeated elsewhere.  I haven't seen anyone resolve the bug, so 
>I'm assuming it's still needing work.  Is anyone else out there working on this, or 
>should I roll up my sleeves and get to it?

Go for it! (don't forget to assign the bug to yourself)

By the way .. any comments from you (as a classloader expert ;-)
on the following bug:


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