Hi All,

Trying to work out the best way to find breaks on a page.

I think each layout manager should add breaks to a list of breaks until
the last break is worse than the second last break.
This way each layout manager can decide from the list of child breaks
which one to use.
For the table it can get breaks for each table cell and find an
appropriate set and the next break after that break.

This will go to the top level page layout manager where it can get the
best break which is the second last break (or last if only one).

The break can include the information from footnotes and before floats.

The break will then have the total min/opt/max height as well as the
footnote and float height. From this the page layout manager can work
out the spacing adjustment factor.

In the case of multiple page columns these breaks will be available for
each column.

The break should also contain all the information necessary to do the
layout. The layout manager should not store any break information.

Any ideas.

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