A table consists of a series of embeded elements; the hyerarchy goes
somewhat like this (assume fo namespace):
                  <block>here is the actual content</block>
Since any of these elements can take borders, and they are inside one
another, you can end up with up to 5 glued borders - that's probably why
you perceive "lines of different width". Try adding margins to the elements
so you can see the borders separetely.
While "nice-looking" is a fairly subjective concept, try doing this:
1) use border-collapse="collapse" on the table element to make adjacent
borders overlap
2) use borders only in the table-cell to minimize confusion
I usually get "nice" tables, see the files attached. (Sorry if the FO is
not very readable, it was generated by XSLT. Try 'tidying' it.)
 (See attached file: gps_test.fo)(See attached file: gps_test.pdf)
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Can anyone provide me with an example of a 'nice' looking PDF table
generated with Fop. I have tried a few border options and end up with
lines of different width along different sides of the table and rows.

I do not have any more time to play with this and am hoping someone can
steer me in the right direction with an example or two.


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