Tobias Kuhn wrote:
> I mean something like this:
> ------XML FILE-----
> <path>E:\test\test\images\Projektstrukturplan.jpg</path>
> --------------------
> <xsl:variable name="imgURL" select="/images/image1/path"></xsl:variable>
> ... So path is E:\test\test\images\Projektstrukturplan.jpg...
> <fo:external-graphic  src="{$imgURL}"/>

Your first code sample:
> <fo:external-graphic src="organigramm"></fo:external-graphic>
was quite obviously flawed.

Your second attempt has a chance to work.
At first, use a stand-alone XSLT processor like Xalan to
generate the FO file. Inspect it to check whether the
src attribute has the correct value. If not, fix your
style sheet.
If the value was correct, remember that the src attribute
takes an URL, not a file name. The syntax of an URL is not
quite the same as for a Windows file path, check the spec
for details:
FOP tries to get along with path names, but the code is
not very intelligent. In order to ease the task, try

If this still fails, check whether the path is really correct.
In the example above, the double "test" component is somewhat


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