Al-Dhahir, Haitham wrote:

> Does FOP provide support for extended Latin Uncode characters like the
> Icelandic  (#00F0) or  (#00CD)? My initial testing suggests that it does
> not, for example I have inserted ð into my XML, and in the PDF
> output, instead of  I just get ð. Any ideas on this?

fop supports every character xml and java support, but it's user 
responsibility to provide appropriate font, which contains a glyph for 
the character. Those ones doesn't look like troublemakers, for me they 
work like a charm even with default Times New Roman (from Win xp) font:
<fo:block>My chars are &#x00F0; and &#x00CD;</fo:block>
and result (fop-0.20.5cvs) is
My chars are  and 

Your said you got &#x00F0; in pdf, that looks like some problem with 
escaping in xslt, chances are you are using disable-output-escaping, 
aren't you?
Oleg Tkachenko
eXperanto team
Multiconn International, Israel

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