Jim Wright wrote:
> I did. And it seems like the right class to use, but it looks like it 
> just hyphenates one word at a time(?).
> Can you point me toward which class decides which word is last on a line 
> (measures text length), and hands it off to hyphenator? If I could just 
> get a point of reference as to how Hyphenator is called by a specific 
> block, I think I could ferret out the rest pretty quick. I checked the 
> Javadoc, but couldn't find which class(es) used hyphenator on the 
> block-level.

Windows explorer can search for files containing certain text,
on Unixes there is find|grep.
The code you are asking for is in LineArea.java.
Be warned: it is very messy, and FOP does *not* hyphenate words, it
just fakes it very successfully. One of the problems is that text
making up a single word may be passed in multiple chunks to the
routine doing the formatting, the other is that it isn't *really*
clear what's a word if scripts are arbitrarily mixed. FOP is
not language or script sensitive and just assumes that characters
below € make up words, and everything else is just punctuation
but is passed to the hyphenator anyway. In order to have proper word
detection for hyphenation, a Unicode character property DB and TR29
(http://www.unicode.org/unicode/reports/tr29/) would be needed.


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