Finally got around to do the patch.

Its against the current version from the maintenance branch.

The patch, apart from adding support for CCFFilters for TIFF images in PDF
files, attempts a few other fixes:

1. The FopImageFactory had code with needed explicit uncommenting to support
JAI. This is now done dynamically, no source editing required, based on a
ClassForName test if JAI is present.

2. The build scripts have been changed to include the jai_codec and jai_core
jars in the class path. As for Jimi, which was already included, it doesn't
matter if they are not there. This means to build fop with JAI support the
only action required is to put the JAI jars into the lib directory (same as
for Jimi).

3. A CCITT Group 4 encoded TIFF file has been added to the docs/graphics
directory and the docs/examples/fo/ file has been modified to
include this TIFF file as an external graphic. Note: This graphic will not
display if fop is compiled without JAI support however a valid PDF file will
still be produced.

4. The FopImageFactory has been modified to now, hopefully correctly,
resolve URIs relative to the baseDir configuration parameter. The previous
implementation of resolving relative URIs was broken, especially with
respect to the current test cases in docs/examples/fo.

5. The Fop ant task has been modified to set the baseDir parameter given to
it. The previous implementation accepted the baseDir parameter but never set
it in the Configuration. This caused the automatic builds of the example
suite to fail (with respect to resolving relative URIs in external-graphic

6. The shell script to make the example suite was also modified to include
the JAI jars.

I hope the attached file with the diffs and the new files is in the correct
format and one of the committers finds the time to look at it and if
acceptable include it into the upcoming 20.5 release.

Unfortunately some of the diffs are pretty big because my text editor
changed the line endings to LFs and tabs to spaces as per published Apache

And a final note: Would it be possible to include logkit-1.0.jar in the
distribution? Without it, or another avalon compatible logger, the scripts
for building the examples or running the tests don't work. Its just nicer if
things "work out of the box".


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Looks like I missed this. At least, I can say that I could profit from
CCITT group 4 because we have a project at work where we have to include
several different monochrome images in a lot of documents. So this may
decrease file size when compared to the FlateEncodeFilter. If it's
dependent on JAI, so be it. That just means we have to make it optional,
somehow. Want to send a patch?

On 13.08.2002 04:49:56 Manuel Mall wrote:
> I did (sort of) integrate the CCITT/TIFF compression based on JAI earlier
> this year. See
> But nobody seemed to be interested at the time.

Jeremias Maerki

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