In some cases when I print *.fo document, two characters are printing on this same place. The error appears only when using fop with -print option. Generating pdf works correctly.
Below an example:
I have table with
                <fo:table border-collapse="separate" \> 
And a column
                <fo:table-column column-width="38mm"/> 
The following cell:
          <fo:table-cell border-right-width="1pt" border-right- border-bottom-width="1pt" border-bottom- ><fo:block keep-together="always">
             2M AUTO - ELEKTRO Mechanika Pojazdowa-Marek Mołodowiec xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx
is printing incorect causing: last "xxx" begins on the half of last "x" character previous "xxxxxxxxxxxx" string.
I'm also using font-family = "Times" if this colud be reason and hyphenate="true" within entire flow.
My fop version is 0.20.4
Marcin Zawadzki

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