On Fri, 2002-10-25 at 18:08, Patrick Dean Rusk wrote:
>       I've recently started working with FOP, and I gather from this list that
> there are multiple CVS branches of code, in particular for the new design
> and for the upcoming 0.20.5.  I gather from the "fop-cvs" messages that at
> least one of these is called "FOP_0-20-0_Alt-Design".
>       How can I find out about all of the branch names?  Which "branch" is the
> default trunk?  The upcoming 0.20.5 maintenance release?

One way with cvs is to do a cvs log on a file.
It will list the "symbolic names" where the branches and tags on
branches have the version form of 1.x.x.x

You will then find the names of the branches that Peter mentioned.

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