I have added jfor-0.7.1.jar and its license to the lib subdirectory, and 
created a first version of an RTFHandler that outputs (very rough) RTF 
documents using the existing jfor RTF library [1].

"build.sh examples" now generates RTF documents, assuming the following is 
set in build-local.properties in the directory that contains build.xml:

  # output format for "ant examples"
  build.property.examples.mime.type = rtf

I probably won't work on this over the weekend (I'll be building the music 
room instead ;-), so if anyone wants to have a shot at improving it, go for 
Examples of how to use the jfor RTF library can be found in the 
org.jfor.jfor.converter package of jfor, see www.jfor.org.


[1] as already discussed here, this is done so as to avoid having to maintain 
two RTF libraries until FOP is better than jfor at generating RTF

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