On Sat, 2002-11-02 at 21:31, Rainer Garus wrote:
> A link from page A to page B is only rendered in the pdf renderer correctly if page 
>B is prepared by the renderer before page A is rendered. In the following case page A 
>is rendered before page B is prepared (PN (X) is the pagenumber of page X):
> (i)  PN (A) < PN (B)
> (ii) if there is a link from page A to page C then PN (C) <= PN (B)
> Rainer Garus

Hi Rainer,

Thanks for the patch and bug report.

It seems that I have committed a patch to fix that problem before
reading the email.
You discovered the bug and cause before I did.
The patch also needed to handle the case where the renderer doesn't
support out of order rendering, in which case the forward link would not
work as the renderer has no way of knowing about the future page (this
will probably never be the case in practice).


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