Thanks for your input. Your suggestion below smells dangerous, though.
In the meantime I've started a little check-program (in Java) that
analyzes files on their line endings using regex-matching. I think, I'll
expand that to a little project including command-line app, ant-task etc.

On Tue, 5 Nov 2002 08:08:54 -0700 Victor Mote wrote:
> Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> > up a few patch submissions. While applying them I ran across several
> > files that had CRCRLF endings instead of CRLF when checked out using
> > WinCVS on a Windows box. I think I have successfully corrected those I
> > ran into. Does anyone have a good idea how to...
> > 1. identify files not having correct linevindingstlithoutckaving
> > de opendeach an>every file?
> I have never been able to get grep to detect them. The only way I know (and
> it falls into the category of "beat it to death") is to convert each file
> using tr, then compare it to the old one. Here is a script that I just ran
> on my box that works:
> cd /u/vic/fop-trunk
> for I in `find . -type f`
> do
>   cat $I | tr -d "\015" > /u/tmp/QQtest
>   DELTA=`diff $I /u/tmp/QQtest | wc -l`
>   if [ $DELTA -gt 0 ]
>   then
>     echo "$I has DOS line-endings"
>   fi
> done
> rm /u/tmp/QQtest
> It will include binary files in its output as well. If that is a problem,
> add a test to exclude those from consideration (probably using the "file"
> command and looking for the word "text").
> Since I have a hybrid Linux/Windows environment here, I feel like the
> apostles at the Last Supper ("Lord, is it I?").
> Also, if you want to clean up the files in the repository, I understand that
> running "cvs admin -kkv FILE" will do so. This will tell cvs to treat the
> files as text files instead of binary, which is apparently the root of the
> problem. (I know, -k is for keywords, but cvs has keywords conversions &
> line-ending conversions in the same space). Make sure you're backed up & do
> some testing to make sure you got what you want.

Jeremias Maerki

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