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I have arial.xml,arialbd.xml,ariali.xml,arialbi.xml,ariblk.xml under my Fop-0.18.1-DEV dir. But during the XML to PDF convertions through XSL using XSLT processor, i am facing problem. The FO with font-family "Arial" which used is not displayed after the PDF conversion. Does the Windows-NT and /or UNIX support these FONT-FAMILY? If yes, whats the procedure? and which are the required files ?And where can I get them from?
You have to produce a userconfig.xml file which declares the
fonts and use it with FOP. For more recent FOP versions this
procedure is described in the documentation distributed with
the binaries and the source, in docs/html-docs/fonts.html.
It is strongly recommended to upgrade to the latest FOP release
(0.20.4), the only exception being that you use the old API and
can't change.
The OS doesn't matter, except taht you probably can refer to the
font directory on Windows directly, while you'll have to download
the arial.ttf et al. files explicitely to the machine under Linux.


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