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  Updated to reflect recent changes.
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  retrieving revision
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  --- build-notes       8 May 2002 05:31:26 -0000
  +++ build-notes       18 Nov 2002 00:08:05 -0000
  @@ -8,10 +8,8 @@
   like setting version information, are done manually in the files under
   the build directory.
  -The environment for the build can be set up by copying the xml-fop
  -tree from the web page, and adding the support jars to the xml-fop/lib
  -directory.  I am currently building with the set of jars that were
  -current at fop 0.20.0.
  +Checkout the FOP_0-20-0_Alt-Design tag from CVS, which now includes
  +xalan and xerces.
   To build, set the environment variables FOPDEV and JAVA_HOME.
   JAVA_HOME should be the directory under which the jre directory
  @@ -33,10 +31,12 @@
   cd src/org/apache/fop/apps
   fopcomp Fop.java
  -N.B. fopcomp shebangs /bin/ksh.  As an alternative, try the
  -fopcomp-bash script, which is identical except for #!/bin/bash.  It
  -will work with any modern (ksh-style) sh which supports the `typeset'
  -method of specifying local shell variables.
  +Because the properties classes, and many of the FO classes, are never
  +named in the source, files in these directories must be specifically
  +compiled.  The Dummy class in org/apache/fop/fo/properties and
  +org/apache/fop/fo/flow exists to facilitate this.  They may be
  +compiled directly, or invoked indirectly by compiling with fopcompall
  +instead of fopcomp.
   Note that, for now, the files from the conf directory are also
   installed in the build/classes conf directory.  This messiness
  @@ -50,8 +50,9 @@
   about that.
   N.B. As at the time of integrating this experimental code into the
  -CVS tree, running will throw an exception.  Properties handling is
  -in a state of flux.
  +CVS tree, running may well throw an exception.  The code has not yet
  +been comprehensively tested.  If you do see an exception, please send
  +the fo file to me.
   The code doesn't do much as yet, but to see what it does get up to, I
   use the extensions I have made to the config functionality.

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