If you want to use PDF-specific extensions, try with renderX - it supports
some special features like bookmarking, etc.

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Von: Mike Connor [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Gesendet am: Montag, 18. November 2002 20:01
Betreff: Novice: Seeking to control PDF properties using xsl:FO

Hey there,


I'm new to a lot of this stuff but gotta catch up quick if I would like to
continue eating, having a roof over my head etc :-).


I need to investigate what PDF properties can be controlled through FO
(Example:  Locking during saves, what can be config'd/edited, can I add
custom toolbars to PDF from FO?)  and I barely know where to start.  

Is it possible to have a PDF in a Web page and have a link for say printing
that would initiate a PDF print rather than a browser printer.


Any leads/pointers would be greatly appreciated.




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