Great work Peter!
It makes a lot of sense to use higher-level than SAX events, and thanks for 
explaining this so clearly.

If you allow me a suggestion regarding the structure of the code: maybe using 
some table-driven stuff instead of the many if statements in 
FoSimplePageMaster would be more readable?

Something like:

class EventHandler
  EventHandler(String regionName,boolean discardSpace,boolean required)

/** table of event handlers that must be applied, in order */
EventHandler [] handlers = {
  new EventHandler(FObjectNames.REGION_BODY,true,true),
  new EventHandler(FObjectNames.REGION_BEFORE,true,false)

...then, in FoSimplePageMaster(...) loop over handlers and let them process 
the events.

I don't know if this applies in general but it might be clearer to read and 
less risky to modify.


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