Markus (Schaeffler?) wrote:

> like the whole codepage in which the charater is in? Or which
> information are
> exactly embedded into the pdf file? Can I rely on the assumption that the
> pdf file with the embedded font will be displayed correctly
> independingly on
> the
> operating system and the available fonts on which ever computer
> the pdf file
> is trying to be viewed?

AFAIK, the entire font is embedded in the PDF. On o/s independence, yes,
that is the whole theory behind PDF. There are occasional differences
between PDF viewers that might be though of as platform-related, but in
general, PDF is intended to be platform- and device-independent, and in
practice seems to work pretty well.

> Is it possible to create a PDF file with FOP which just describes a
> character by its unicode representation and the corresponding
> glyph to display the
> character is loaded from one of the available fonts from the
> computer where the
> pdf file is viewed? That would be an interesting an valueable feature
> instead of embedding the font file.

Yes, simply don't embed the file. The risk is that if the font is not on the
other system or is different, it may not look as intended.

BTW, you will get faster and better responses to questions like this on the
fop-user list, or, better yet, on a PDF list.

Victor Mote

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