I have debugging my FO tree building be running it against various example fo files. Of the three I have used so far, I have found problems with two.

./docs/examples/pagination/ has the problem that I mentioned in an earlier past; the simple-page-master does not have region-body as the first region specified.

./docs/examples/tables/ has two problems. <uri-specification>s are not defined using the url() notation, but the text of the URI is used directly, as in

<fo:basic-link external-destination="normal.pdf">normal.pdf</fo:basic-link>

In addition, the text uses "orange" as a colour, which it ain't, at least as far as XSL-FO is concerned. It is a system-color(), however, as far as FOP is concerned.

I assume that these errors are not deliberate, and that I should clean them up as I go.

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