Thanks a lot Art and Jeremias, I will look at the fonts installed at the
printer.I am trying to send the FOP generated PCL through Infoprint server
at the mainframe for distributed printing to remote printers ( HP laserjet 4
and 5). As suggested by Art, I am opting for the [x] option time being. . I
have created the check box with a table (inside nested table and this
works ) but that makes the XSLT code look tedious and difficult to maintain.
Thanks again for your time

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Subject: RE: Problems with CheckBoxes in PCL

> Apologies...
> I saw the original message, but have not had time to look into it.
> Just to back Jeremias up, I believe that his answer is correct.
> First thing to do is to print the font list for your printer. This should
> (at least most PCL printers do) give the control codes to invoke the font.
> If the font list does not give the codes, you may need to refer to your
> printer's manuals. Then compare the code the printer expects, to the code
> the PCLRenderer would be sending (I think that this is in a function
> setFont or something like that - it has been a long time since I last
> at the PCLRenderer code). If they are the same, then there may be a
> issue. If they are different, then your printer uses different codes from
> the HP Laser printers that I have access to. Sadly this is a fairly common
> problem. Not much can be done except modifying the FOP code,
> the output to replace the codes (my personal favorite), or use a different
> printer (generally not an option). Of course if you find that your printer
> does not have the font installed, you are probably out of luck (other than
> using a bitmap for the dingbats - or the low-budget "[x]").
> If everything looks like it should work, but it still does not, please
> forward a sample document, and description to the list... better yet enter
> it into Bugzilla. Include the type of printer.
> Sorry,
> Art (still watching FOP, but too busy to do anything about it...)
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> Subject: Re: Problems with CheckBoxes in PCL
> Art Welch, out PCL expert, is not around so I'll try to help you as good
> I can. Disclaimer: I'm no PCL expert. I've had a look at the programmer's
> manual for my Brother HL-1250 which is a PCL printer. It doesn't support
> ZapfDingbats. Looking at there's code that should trigger
> the selection of a ZapfDingbats font. But I think not every PCL printers
> the same fonts pre-installed. Unfortunately, the PCL renderer doesn't
> support embedding fonts, so I guess you're stuck with this problem.
> As a possible workaround, try to generate a little bitmap from the
> in an image editor and use that.
> I hope this helps a little.
> On 25.11.2002 21:37:06 Rajendran S wrote:
> >
> > I am able to use ZapfDingBats &#x2751; to get checkbox in  PDF. But
> > When I
> > generate PCL , this appears as letter Q.
> >
> > When I tested the sample file that comes with FOP
> > distribution to
> > generate PCL, it does not generate the check boxes in PCL. I have tried
> this
> > with both 0.20.3 and 0.20.4.
> >
> > In the site , it is mentioned that PCL generation supports all the
> > basic 14
> > fonts.
> > I appreciate your help.
> > Thanks
> Jeremias Maerki
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