Victor Mote wrote:
Christian Geisert wrote:

for the documentation for the maintenance release I think the
best thing is to copy src/documentation over from trunk and then
add a simple <exec command="forrest"> to build.xml

I had a thought left over from our discussion of branching a few weeks ago
that might help here. I convinced myself at the time that, when checking out
the maintenance branch, using the "-f" option on a checkout would get the
trunk version of any files that aren't on the maintenance branch. I am
headed out the door or I would try it right now. I suppose that it is
possible that doing so would also check out some files that would break the
build or override something that we don't want overridden, but I think it
would be worth a try.
It should do. However, you will still have to 'cvs add' and 'cvs commit' them on the maintenance branch. Another possibility. especially for directories are not going to be merged back into the HEAD and whose content is largely the same, is to merge them out from HEAD into maint. Not having followed the details of the proposed changes very closely, I would have to look at individual cases.

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