Ted Leung wrote:
4. Some option that hasn't been thought of yet.
Based initially on the reorg discussions, and then a number of F2F discussions at ApacheCon, I am planning on proposing something radical within Jakarta, but it applies equally well here. I provided some foreshadowing for this proposal in an e-mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED], with the subject of "Convergence, vetoes, forks, and projects". Specifically, I said:

> Separate code bases with separate communities should be separate
> projects. Independent of the size of the codebase, if the size of
> the community is only a few people, then it is not an ASF project.
> Such efforts can be pursued outside of the ASF, be pursued inside the
> Incubator, or be incorporated inside an existing community as long
> as all participants in that larger community are treated as peers.

With respect to XML, I honestly don't know how many communities we have. But the above provides a recipe to find out. Without changing any physical layout of mailing lists or cvs repositories, we can begin to phase out the karma and voting boundaries between various subprojects. Those that don't wish to participate will be encouraged to form their own separate projects (or move into incubation).

What I like most about such a proposal is that it is completely up to the commiters to decide whether they want opt in or opt out.

What do others think?

- Sam Ruby

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