keiron      2002/12/03 02:06:10

  Added:       src/documentation README
  readme for generating docs
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  xml-fop/src/documentation/README
  Index: README
  To update the docs:
  The documentation is generated using forrest (
  The current procedure is:
  - checkout xml-forrest module
  - run: dist
  - follow instructions to set FORREST_HOME and path
  - go to xml-fop directory
  - run forrest(.bat)
  The documents will then be placed in build/site/
  NOTE: the compliance.html currently does not work, it can be fixed by
  adding the dtd ref to: build/tmp/context/resources/schema/catalog
  and placing the dtd in: build/tmp/context/resources/schema/dtd/
  To update website
  - put the generated docs into the xml-site module targets/fop/
    this could be done by simlinking the destination to the targets/fop
  - commit the documents

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