I have done some quick-and-dirty changes in the FOP code. At the moment i have not the time to deep-hack into the system, but my changes working good for me. No guarantee that it works in all other cases after the changes. May i have the time after the 16th Dec. (Project-Deadline). I will take then a closer look to the code.

My only change in file ExternalGraphic.java (Line 156, current CVS version)


int pageHeight = area.getPage().getBody().getMaxHeight() - spaceBefore;


int pageHeight = area.getPage().getHeight()- spaceBefore;

May that helps others too.


Timo Haberkern wrote:

hello together,

as I posted in the user-list allready, i've some problems using external-graphics in region-start and region-end. The problem is that the images are automatically resized by FOP. I tried around a little bit and found out that the maximum height of an external-graphic in region-start/-end is calculated the as

max = (page height) - margin-top (region-body) - margin-bottom (region-body)

That might be ok for the most use cases. But not for mine. I'm new to fop but think i have defined a page layout that has the same layout as the pagination.fo example shipped with FOP. I want to use two images in the region-start and region-end that are almost as high as the page-height. If i set a background-color for the region-start i can see that the size of the region is ok, only the image size is calculated wrong.

Is there a patch available for this. The problem is that i need a solution very quick (project deadline comes nearer and nearer ;-) ). Any ideas?

I have attached my stylesheet at the end of this mail


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