Hi all,

the Release Candidate for 0.20.5 is finally available at
http://xml.apache.org/dist/fop for downloading and testing.

It is planed to make the actual release in about two weeks
if no serious bugs show up.

Changes since 0.20.4 include:

- Fixed link hotspot positioning
- Fixed multi-threading issues
- Added autoselecting  portrait/landscape on PCL Renderer
- Improved AWT Font-measuring/rendering
- Perfomance tuning
- Added support for CCITT Group 4 encoded TIFF files
- Dynamic JAI support
- Fixed problem with jpegs with icc profile and acrobat reader 5
- Added a fontBaseDir property
- TXTRenderer output encoding
- border-spacing support

For details see CHANGES file:

Please send feedback/bugreports to the mailing list or enter them
in Bugzilla.

Needs to be done for the release:
- check documentation (new jar versions, classpath etc.)
- anything missing in Release Notes/CHANGES ?
  (apart from fixing my english ;-)


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