Jeff Turner wrote:

> On Tue, Dec 10, 2002 at 10:24:28AM -0700, Victor Mote wrote:
> > Jeff Turner wrote:
> >
> > > See
> > >
> > > Updated every hour with the latest Forrest and FOP source.
> >
> > I am really not yet following what is going on here. I
> understand the flow
> > of files into xml-site/targets/fop. I assume that the link
> above is showing
> > an hourly update of those contents (the xml-site/targets/fop is
> cvs, so it
> > is getting checked out on a server somewhere).
> No, it is checking out xml-fop/src/documentation from CVS and building
> that with the latest Forrest.  What you see there has no relation to
> what's in xml-site/targets/fop

OK, I see now that I misunderstood your "Sorry, yes" answer to Keiron. If should be reflecting changes no
more than an hour old made to xml-fop/src/documentation, then it is not
working. I just looked for changes that were made about 24 hours ago, and
they are not there. Also, as I mentioned, it shows a publish date of 12-7.
So I suspect that something is not working. We have one document with a
non-standard DTD (my fault, in fact that is what I am trying to work on)
that might be messing up the flow. How do I go about troubleshooting this?

> I think Sam Ruby has a script which automatically updates the live site
> to the contents of xml-site/targets/*.

Should I contact him directly? Also, I still don't know whether
xml-site/targets/fop is my final destination. What is best practices for
this process? If this is documented somewhere, please excuse me -- I haven't
found it yet. Also, I realize that this conversation might be better on
forrest-dev. I asked on this list because I think Keiron has already figured
most of this out & I am trying to leverage off of that. Thanks very much for
your help.

Victor Mote

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