On Thu, 2002-12-12 at 15:30, Sharma, Siddharth wrote:
> Hi and sorry for cross-posting as I know this is a user question.
> I am newbie with FOP on Websphere 4.0.3. Batik has some DOM classes, which
> are present in Xerces as well, with different implementations.
> This leads to a number of problems, the latest being the stacktrace below.
> I am creating the input DOM tree at runtime based on user input and
> transforming it using
> XSLTransform.transform(xmlDOM,inStream,foDom);
> And then generating the PDF using
> Driver driver = new Driver(insource, bytePDF);
> driver.setRenderer(Driver.RENDER_PDF);
> driver.run();
> has anyone faced this problem of same class-multiple implementations in the
> two libraries (if that is the problem).
> Can anyone help?

This is one of the reasons that the xml-apis.jar is being used.
The current version of FOP uses this and the next version of Batik will

It is possible that you also have some other versions of the DOM classes
in the classpath.

I suggest you find out exactly what you have in the classpath and try
the latest Fop release with cvs batik.

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