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On 04.01.2003 23:44:24 Joerg Pietschmann wrote:
> On Saturday 04 January 2003 21:36, Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> > I promise to fix these uglies as soon as my local FOP
> > compiles again.
> I don't think it is more urgent than, lets say, turn the font
> readers into libraries which can be called both from the
> FOP core as well as from stand alone command line applications.
> > >   [ exception unification / cascade ]
> > I don't think they are confusing if you know the concept. They may get
> > long, but they are soooo helpful sometimes. And I prefer a long log
> > entry over an Exception of which I can't determine the origin.
> I just pulled a slightly credible disadvantage out of the blue so that
> this variant doesn't appear to have only advantages :-)
> > It would obviously make sense to come up with a good set of clearly
> > formulated guidelines for exception handling, but that is something that
> > IMO has to be done in another context. I don't want to blow up our Style
> > Guide too much, because too much doesn't get read.
> Provide a small sets of snappy DOs and DO NOTs and link to another,
> bigger document providing longer descriptions, rationales, background
> and terminology definitions. Something I started in the FAQ with some
> still dead links to "classpath" and "url".
> > I think it would make sense to bring this topic up in the
> > community mailing list so all Java-addicted could come up with a nice,
> > concise Wiki-page.
> Probably a good idea.
> I like the idea of a set of common, "normative" documentation which might
> be more reliable and better to manage and maintain than random links into
> the WWW.

Jeremias Maerki

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