On 10.01.2003 10:51:34 Sascha Schmidt wrote:
> Dear FOPies,


> I'm using the "force-page-count=even" property to ensure an even number of 
> pages. The page-sequence has some static content (footer and header). If 
> my page-sequence has an odd number of pages, FOP appends an additional 
> page correctly. The problem is that the appended page is not really empty; 
> the static content is rendered. But I need an empty page. I'm not sure if 
> this is a bug... Can somebody help me? 

Never done this myself, but have a look at the blank-or-not-blank
attribute on fo:conditional-page-master-reference. You should be able to
create a simple-page-master without static content regions and reference
this one with "blank", the normal ones with "not-blank". Got it?

Please post to fop-user next time for these questions. And without HTML
if possible. Thanks a lot!

Jeremias Maerki

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