Victor Mote wrote:
Jeremias Maerki wrote:

It is very possible that I am missing something, but our memory-lean
event-based model would seem to dictate either 1) parsing the document
twice, or 2) not allowing multiple output formats in the same document.
I think my approach could work in this regard. I'm not sure. We can let
the FO tree live for another layout run, can't we?

I have no objection to it. However, AFAIK our processor doesn't really
process an FO tree, it processes events that occur as the FO tree is built.
So, you need to add something that walks through the existing FO tree &
starts creating events to feed into our processor. I don't know how much
faster this might be than just reprocessing the original input. Then you
need something in the process that says "Oh, don't try to build an FO tree
here, it already exists." In other words, we're kind of trying to reuse
something that we didn't use the first time -- it all seems kind of klunky.
It seems to me that if we want to go down that path, we would do well to
build an FO tree up front, caching it for those who need a lean memory
environment, then process that tree n times, all the same way. I am not
really arguing for that, but merely pointing out that it seems like that is
where reusing the FO tree leads us.
There's one in if you ever need it.

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