Victor Mote wrote:

I just added a comment on your bidi wiki, in the "Reordering the text"
section, regarding the line-by-line nature of reordering Middle-Eastern
language text. This is something you no doubt already know, but was not
clear to me until recently, and it may be helpful.
Well done, Victor. I just forgot to mention it as it's obvious to me :)

The comments might be
expanded to a more general statement by someone who knows more.
I have generalized it a little bit, I think it's enough for a while. We'll elaborate it further in implementation section. My problem is that I still doesn't have clear bidi implementation design in my mind, moreover the processing model as described in the spec sounds too quirky to me, all that fo-tree manipulation and directionality explicitiveness confuses me because I was grown on a principle that text must always be preserved in logical order up to the latest stage - rendering. And all bidi processing should be done by *renderer*, btw AWT renderer, which is bidi-aware on its own does render Hebrew ok even in the branch code!

Oleg Tkachenko
eXperanto team
Multiconn Technologies, Israel

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