I get the impression that you're in the wrong place. We can't help you
here with the EPIC editor or with Turbo Styler. I've never worked with
ArborText's tools, but don't they allow you already to generate PDFs?

FOP simply accepts XSL-FO as input an can produce various output formats
like PDF, PostScript etc.

If by XSL you mean XSL-FO then, of course, you should be able to produce
a PDF. If you mean an XSLT stylesheet to transform your XML format to
XSL-FO to then you're also in the right spot.

For things like page sizes, margins etc. have a look at the XSL-FO
specification or at one of the many tutorials on XSL-FO. There are also
example files in the FOP distribution that help you understand XSL-FO.

See here for links:

(Next time please post questions like these on the fop-user mailing list.
Thank you.)

On 15.01.2003 15:27:01 Chakraborty, Anshuman  (BearingPoint) wrote:
> I am using ArborText's EPIC editor & Turbo Styler to generate XSL for a
> certain XML file.
> The final output is for PDF format. Now once the basic styling is done for
> the paragraphs, sections etc. how do I set up the page layouts and related
> attributes like margin areas, gutter area etc.

Jeremias Maerki

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