Hi all.

Reading the mailing list archives (developer and user) I found that the
topic of named destinations was raised several times and it seems that
many people would like / need this feature. Studiying the changes list I
found the entry

# Linking to a specific page and a named destinations of an external PDF
file. (see www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/pdfs/c01acrotip.pdf) (CG) Thanks
to Bernd Brandstetter.
# update

Unfortunately the corresponding patch (submitted on the user-list) seems
not to be integrated in the next release 0.20.5. However, I could patch FOP

In addition, in November 2001, Lloyd McKenzie submitted a patch in the
developer list that allowed the definition of named destinations (i.e.
targets one can link to). His patch is not integrated either and I
fruitlessly tried
to apply it manually on the current version.

Now my kind plea is that some of the FOP gurus could take a look on it and
integrate this functionality. I am sure that many users would appreciate
it much.


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